Freefly Movi 15

High Performance (HiPer) Stabilization

This update improves stabilization performance for the MōVI 30 to 50% with most configurations. HiPer features 100% faster control loop computations and advanced tuning configurations including independent output filters. With HiPer Stabilization lenses with longer focal length can be used without sacrificing stability.

If you are an expert user, please try the advanced tuning settings. Setup is via all Apps or MōVI Controller. Some parameters might currently be missing on some platforms. Please refer to the Akira User Manual.

Timelapse Mode

MōVI can now be setup via Apps or via MōVI Controller, to perform Timelapse sequences. Timelapse Mode also allows for pre-programmed motion paths to be used for real-time shots. Details can be accessed in the Akira User Manual or inside the mobile apps when you tap the “i” (information) icon on top of Timelapse screen.

Primary setup is via mobile apps (iOS and Android) which includes graphical user interface.

Mac, PC, or MōVI Controller can also be used for setup.

Target Mode

IMPORTANT: The Target Mode depends heavily on environmental conditions. Please read all documentation. We recommend experimenting with it in different scenarios prior to using Target Mode on productions.

MōVI can be set to lock the camera on a GPS position (requires a strong GPS signal), or to dynamically follow a MIMIC transmitter as the camera’s target.

The primary setup for Target Mode is via mobile apps (iOS and Android), but you can also use the app on a Mac or a PC. You will also want to use the Mac or PC apps to designate the MIMIC as the target.